"Emily Money (the CEO of money), has discovered that in a far distant land there is a mountain made of money, nobody is sure what is on top of the mountain, as nobody came back alive.
However, being the president of money, Emily has made it her duty to climb the mountain and be the first abstract humanoid being to find out what is on top".

Your goal is to reach the top of each level spending as little money and as fast as possible. You can jump up to three times in the air, but doing that can end up being very expensive, so use it only when you need to!


Walk: Arrow keys

Shoot: Z

Jump: X (Z or X in the air)

Pause: P

Restart level: R

Toggle expert timer: Ctrl

NOTE: Easy and hard level packs feature completely different levels. It is recommended you beat the easy level pack first!

Programming  & Design: MGZone

Art & Design: LeatherIceCream

Music: mudeth

This game was made for Wizard Jam 10, with "At the Mountains of Money" being the inspiration podcast title.

Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(8 total ratings)
Made withPhaser
Tags2D, money, Puzzle-Platformer, Tileset


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Fun and quick game that i'll def. go back and play again to get different endings :D


Hi mount money! Welcome  Are they mean?

Really like this game, thanks for making it!

I'd buy this game

Fun game! Talked a bit about it here! https://topindie.games/mt-money/

Hope you keep doing good games!